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Superb performance, great reliability, total ease of use: everything you need to make coffee like a real Pro. Fiorenzato presents the Pro Line, the first range of professional grinder-dosers fitted with a quick-release removable chamber. A mini revolution that allows for quick and intuitive handling of the coffee grinding spaces, letting you remove the desired component without changing the grain size setting.

More functional,
more professional

Huge innovation in every little action With just a few simple steps you can achieve excellent performance and ensure the highest quality in every cup. The Pro Line represents the very latest in advanced technology from Fiorenzato, with a product range combining top quality performance, ease of use and captivating design.

The Pro that makes your life easier

The Pro that makes your life easier

The Pro Line has a removable chamber, giving you easier and quicker access to the grinding spaces.

There’s no need to remove the adjustment ring nut to carry out routine cleaning, replace grinders or remove foreign objects that might cause the motor to jam: simply release the two clips on the sides of the grinder and remove the grinding chamber. Easier maintenance without losing the grinding point, resulting in up to 50% less retention than standard models.

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