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Precision guaranteed over time: XGi is here

To get a top quality espresso, there are a few basic but important rules to follow. One of them is keeping the coffee dosage constant. So Fiorenzato has patented XGi, the grinder-doser that allows you to set the exact quantity of coffee dispensed just once, calculated in grams and guaranteeing perfect dosing at all times.

What’s the secret?

Thanks to the load cell located in the bottom of XGi coffee grinders and a software that records and processes data, every single dose of blend always contains the exact amount of coffee required, resulting in a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Technological perfection made simple

Technological perfection made simple

Simply set the desired amount in grams for single, double and triple doses and the software will independently calculate the time needed to deliver the exact amount.

The load cell at the base of the grinder communicates with the software to constantly monitor the total weight of the grinder. It ensures that the weight drop after each grind corresponds to the desired amount in grams.

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