80% in-house

One of the things that makes Fiorenzato the proudest is the fact that 80% of its production chain is entirely in-house. This means greater control over each individual component and every single assembly phase; easier verification and implementation of solutions proposed by the R&D department, using specific tests; greater sustainability, avoiding waste and costs associated with the transportation of materials. All this has been possible thanks to the internalisation of the production of grinder burrs.


Fiorenzato is the only company that is producing grinder burrs made with materials especially vetted for food preparation such as the astounding steel M340:

  • highly safe for food preparation
  • highly resistant to corrosion and wearing
  • highly solid
  • easily polishable

Our grinder burrs are internally produced by a number-controlled device, allowing for a manufacturing process that is all in one phase and thus ensuring high repeatability and very high standard for each and every grinder burr. A type of production that boasts four main advantages:

  • repeatability
  • excellent quality
  • constancy
  • good timing

Our certifications

Fiorenzato constantly invests in safety and performance, always testing its products both electronically and chemically; a very strict quality control that allows the company to operate and export in USA, Canada, South Korea, Russia and Brazil.

International Organization for Standardization

Food Contact
EU and China

RoHS and REACH Compliance

Hygiene and safety marks for the USA and Canada

EurAsia conformity mark

Korean certification

CE mark for EU



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