Cutting-edge technologies,

superior performance

Keeping ahead of the times, being the first to offer the solutions required by the market and exploiting technology to guarantee the perfect cup of coffee: through innovation, Fiorenzato has been able to design increasingly advanced and efficient grinder-dosers, with exceptional performance and ease of use guaranteed. Its secret? It has transferred the technology of industrial grinders to coffee shop grinders. Each grinder-doser is able to ensure absolute precision and consistency, reduce consumption, run in silence and offer exceptional reliability even when used over a long period of time.

The avant-garde
of coffee grinders

A clear example of this is the Pro Line, the first line of professional coffee grinders equipped with a quick-release removable chamber. A small revolution that allows access to the grinding chamber by releasing two levers located on the sides of the coffee grinder, so as to extract the desired component without changing the granulometry adjustment.
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Weighed-by-the-gram coffee,
guaranteed precision.

Weighed-by-the-gram coffee,
guaranteed precision.

In order to obtain a quality espresso you must respect some basic but important rules. One of these is the maintenance of a constant dose of coffee. That is why Fiorenzato patented an exclusive system able to guarantee perfect results every time: introducing the XGi grinder-dosers, requiring just a one-time setting of the right amount of coffee to be dispensed, calculated in grams and thus always perfect.

Their secret? Thanks to the load celllocated in the bottom of XGi coffee grinders and a software that records and processes data, every single dose of blend always contains the exact amount of coffee required, resulting in a perfect cup of coffee every time.

We at Fiorenzato call this Smart Technology, and it offers many benefits:

less waste, because it allows you to precisely adjust the amount of coffee to be ground;

constant control of the number of grams ground, because the software even monitors the weight when the machine is on stand-by;

greater precision and quality, because the weight of each individual dose in grams is always the same;

extremely easy to use, as the barista only has to specify how many grams of coffee they want to obtain once.

The ‘80s


In the early ‘80s, Fiorenzato introduced electronics into the world of grinder-dosers: the first single-dose grinder-doser was created. This revolutionary product used a fully electromechanical operation and exploited the potential of manual timers. It was also equipped with two motors, one dedicated to a single dose and the other designed for the second dose.



F64 E

This was the first coffee grinder with CapSense system. Completely digital and fitted with a customisable display, it proved to be a great success from day one. Internal calendar, automatic checking of the state of wear of the burrs, displaying of daily and weekly consumption statistics: this product was in advance of its times and one step ahead of market demands.

The ‘80s 2014


F64 E v.2

Collaboration with designers Pio and Tito Toso led to the introduction of the new F64 E. Charming aesthetics, colour touchscreen LCD display, temperature and humidity probe to maintain the aroma of each and every bean: this grinder-doser guarantees extraordinary results and excellent durability over time. Another huge success by Fiorenzato.

2009 2015



The only grinder-doser in the world allowing you to set grinding by indicating the desired number of grams was created, with automatic detection of portafilter baskets. With this model, Fiorenzato successfully forecast and anticipated market demands, ushering in a new era for the entire grinder-doser sector.

2014 2017


F64 E XGi

Thanks to the innovative patent of the XGi grinder-dosers, the exact weight in grams of coffee to be ground can be set just once and kept constant over time. A cutting-edge solution simply perfect for anyone wanting to prevent waste without having to say goodbye to the aromatic quality of each and every cup of coffee. Fiorenzato leads the way towards a Smart Technology revolution.

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